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How to use the Tool

There are two ways of using the Tool: to produce bespoke tabulations to your requirements or use our "One-click" tables to give you an overview of the benefit or scheme in which you are interested. You can save the tables as a text file or an html which can then be opened in a spreadsheet program.

Simply select the benefit or scheme you are interested in. Then the "One-click" tables can be found in the "Useful Resources" section.

Defining bespoke tables takes you through a step-by-step process to specify the table structure. This section describes what each step means, together with two examples:

STEP 1: BENEFIT/SCHEME In the box at the top of this page chose the benefit or scheme about which you want statistics.

STEP 2: ANALYSIS Choose the type of information you want displayed in the body of the table. Example choices are: On Flows (i.e. number of people) or average amount in payment.

STEP3: ROW Choose from the list the breakdown you would like to use for the rows of the table.

STEP 4: COLUMN Choose from the list the breakdown you would like to use for the columns of the table.

STEP 5: SUBSET You can table your statistics for a subset of the whole caseload. Leave Subset as NONE if you do not want to select a specific group, otherwise select the breakdown you want to use to subset the table.

STEP 6: CATEGORY Choose the category that you want to use to subset the table. This option will not be available if you have not chosen a Subset in the previous selection.

STEP 7: DATE Choose the date which you would like the information to relate to. This option is not avaiable if you have already chosen "Time Series" in the row or column of your table.

STEP 8: GET TABLE Click the Get Table button and your data is displayed in a web page: you can save the table, print it or go back to redefine your selection.

Example 1 builds a time series table for statistical groups, restricted to male Income Support claimants. Example 2 gets data for Disability Living Allowance claimants, age and gender at May 2005.

Step Action
Example 1
Benefit/Scheme Income Support
Analysis On Flows (Thousands)
Row Time Series
Column Statistical Group
Subset Gender
Category Male
Date Not applicable because of time series selection
Example 2
Benefit/Scheme Disability Living Allowance - All Cases
Analysis On Flows (Thousands)
Row Age
Column Gender
Subset NONE
Category Not applicable as no page selection
Date May 2005
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